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Heavy Weight Robot

The HWR-00-Mk I is a formidable Destroid, standing over 22m tall and outfitted with almost impenetrable armor. With the addition of forearm missile launchers (the Mk II), any enemy would think twice before going toe to toe with this beast. Visual pickups include four aiming cameras on the sides (a pair to fore, and an aft pair) and a telescopic periscope on the reinforced cockpit hatch. Adding to its versatility, four types of cannon shells can be used: howitzer, armor-piercing, flak (anti-aircraft), and nuclear warheads.

December 2000 Initial development begins.
October 2005 Trial production begins.
September 2008 Rollout. Only two Monsters were aboard the SDF-1 Macross when it initiated the Hyper Space Fold to the outer limits of our Solar System. But enough parts were available to manufacture at least three more inside the Macross' onboard factory.
Crew 3 (commander in the center, driver to the right, and gunner to the left)
Mass 285,500 kg.
Length (overall) 41 m.
Width (overall) 24 m.
Height (to guns' muzzles) 22.46 m.
Engine Galland WT 1001 thermonuclear reaction furnace developing 11500 bhp.
Auxiliary Generator Shinnakasu Industry CT 8P thermonuclear reaction furnace developing 890 bhp.
Armament (primary) Four Viggers 40 cm liquid-cooled cannons.
(missile) Two Raitheon LSSN-20G 3-barrel ground-to-ground missile launchers.
Ammunition (main) 28 shells. (choice of howitzer, armor-piercing, flak (anti-aircraft), or nuclear warheads.)
(rocket) 12 missiles.
Status Production complete. In service with the UN Spacy.
Government United Nations.
Quantity 6
Comment First (Mk-I) rollout 2008, third assembled on Macross 2009, sixth modified from Mk-I prototype.
Manufacturer(s) Viggers / Centinental.


Sources: Macross Compendium and NMMA

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