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The main problem with mecha in games like Shogo is that you do not really feel like the pilot of a great war machine. Instead, you just feel like a mechanical guy walking through a miniature village. Balance of Power will rectify this through the use of human-scaled geometry and vehicles, cockpit models, a useful HUD, better footstep sounds, and lots of head bob... all so that you feel like you're getting thrown around by the extreme accelerations and lightning fast movements that some of these mecha are capable of. We feel that all of this will greatly improve the overall feel of mecha combat, and players will definitely be able to tell the difference between running around on foot, and stomping around in a mecha.


There are four different types of movement in Balance of Power...

  • OnFoot mode is the unchanged movement of players while outside vehicles in UT2k4. While on foot, players can enter mecha, move through smaller passages, and even battle enemy mecha while not being seen on radar.
  • Biped mode is almost identical to OnFoot mode, but the vehicles typically move slower, compared to the size increase. The VF-1 is an exception to this, since it is designed to be fast and agile on the ground. All mecha except the Zentradi Fighter Pod and Power-Up Glaug use this mode.
  • Flight mode will probably be best controlled with a joystick (we will attempt a scheme with full sim-like freedom of movement, including rolling and looping). However, a flight scheme very similar to Crimson Skies (for the XBox) will also be implemented (think RT:BC, but with more movement of the plane on-screen), as this will be more practical for those with only a keyboard and mouse. Only the Valkyrie, Queadluun-Rau, Zentradi Fighter Pod, and Power-Up Glaug use this mode.
  • VTOL (Vertical Take-Off & Landing) mode's controls are a mixture of the Biped and Flight modes, but the craft hovers when it skims across the ground and automatically utilizes Flight mode when moving at speeds above a certain threshold. Only the Valkyrie, Queadlunn-Rau, and Nousjadeul-Ger use this mode.

The controls are laid out so that it takes the least possible number of keys to control the mecha. The effect of each control changes depending on the movement mode so that extra key bindings are unnecessary.


Balance of Power (BoP)
As you might have noticed, this is the subtitle of our project... and so it will probably have the most time and effort put into it. And believe me, this is no simple gameplay mode... it has elements of CTF, TCAP, a board game called Risk, Tribes' Capture & Hold mode, Team Fortress, Q2 Gloom, resource management of RTS games, and a few other new concepts.

This mode pits the U.N. Spacy and the Zentradi forces against each other in a struggle for resources and territory. The ultimate goal, however, is to wear down the opposing team and destroy their power tap root. Soon, I will take all my notes and put up a page dedicated to the rules and regulations of this mode.


BOP Vehicles

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