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Build 11 released!
The second release is out! Build 11 (not using v#.# version numbers anymore) is still not a big deal or bug-free, but it has a few tweaks you might like. And again, be sure to read Macross.txt!!! (Sure, I know you will)

  • Be sure that you're running Shogo v2.2. Otherwise, you'll get this error:
    "Invalid shell DLL version for cshell.dll. DLL version is 3, current version is 1."

    You can find the patch for Shogo at
  • Because so many people have asked and this info has fallen back into the archives on the news page, I feel it should be mentioned on this page that Build 11 is not, in any way, considered an operational release. All it contains is some menu music (from Macross II, btw, so they might not be in the final version), splash screens, footstep sounds, and the prototype of the GU-11 gun pod. Furthermore, just about everything is considered "placeholder" right now, and will be refined and/or replaced in a future release. We only released Build 11 so that you guys could have something to see before we started with the total code rewrite.]
    Macross - Build 11 (5.45 MB)

    Our first map release! -- MAC_HoldingPattern
    Well, currently it has no Macross-specific items... so you can use it just as you would any other MCA map. However, JRah has plans to enhance it in the near future. Grab it now (1.26 MB)! And beware, the open spaces on this map are so big that you'll exceed the ranges of most weapons!!! (FYI: Extract to the Custom\ folder in your Shogo directory to use it.)

    We tried to make these available in standard video formats (.avi and .mov) where we could. Also, a few are available in Smacker (tm) format (.smk), so you'll probably need their player.

    Regult "Texas Two-Step" -- Just a quick and dirty 2-sec anim of the Regult taking a step forward, then bringing the other foot up. This was only a test of the IK structure, but worth putting up.
    320x240 avi (499k)

    Valkyrie fly-in and transformation.
    320x240 avi (570k)
    and 640x480 smk (348k)

    The VF-1J transformation sequence.
    320x200 avi (374k) and 320x200 smk w/sound (185k)


    LithTech ABC v6 File Format  (20k)
        (older, outdated, structure-based version - 8k)

    Shogo v2.2 Source Class Structure


    cReticle source  (10k) -- One of our first tests with the Shogo source. Basically, this client-side mod can take any 3D point and plot a reticle on your HUD... in ANY camera orientation. This version needs A LOT of cleanup, but it should at least get you started.


    A scan of an article from an Australian gaming mag, PC PowerPlay, Issue 35, April 1999, p139, "Online (Mods and TC's)" (475k) -- Obviously they got all their info from our webpage, but I have no idea where they came up with that release date :)

    Desktop background pic of the Tomahawk and U.N. Spacy logo
    .jpg format -- 800x600 (49k), 1024x768 (70k), 1280x1024 (101k)
    .bmp format (zipped) -- 800x600 (
    282k), 1024x768 (396k), 1280x1024 (569k)
    (here's a thumbnail sample)

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