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JB  24   05/22 11:42am
Feedback on what you want to see in the Story Mode  51   08/06 01:28am
Melee Weapons  24   08/05 10:22pm
Decals  17   04/19 12:20pm
Additional Mecha  39   09/01 10:27pm
Control Request  26   04/29 04:59pm
Damage and Hit Location Models  13   09/01 10:32pm
Music and Sound  5   07/14 09:16pm
Looking for Something  29   09/08 04:30pm
Mutiplayer game restarts  2   05/17 01:56pm
Small Web Page Bug  2   05/18 11:39am
A request for an update in the project status.  7   06/23 04:14pm
Mission Creator/ Editor  3   06/06 05:19pm
Controls  7   08/05 10:33pm
Project for another time...  2   11/01 09:02am
Kill this project  9   12/30 11:46am
Sub-missions  1   12/21 08:15pm
3D Engine  2   02/09 05:25pm
Toon version  2   03/23 07:24pm
Ringtones  1   06/26 01:24am
Don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but some bots would be nice  1   08/03 03:42pm

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Ground Rules
Remember, we've been refining this project's design for quite a long time now, so unless a request really adds to the gameplay, it may not be implemented. This topic is primarily used to describe (in great detail) new ideas.

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