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Balance of Power

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Balance of Power



Please remember that THIS PROJECT IS NOT A ROBOTECH PROJECT. This distinction is important, because as we are concentrating on the original japanese Macross storyline and data, you should not expect to see Robotech Masters, Southern Cross, or Invid mecha, etc, etc. As a courtesy, we do provide some links to some Robotech-related sites, but this is primarily for your reference when we talk about differences between the two stories.

[NOTE:  Just because the project will primarily focus on Macross (and its derivatives), that does NOT mean you will never get to use popular mecha from other licenses. It has always been our goal to generalize the gameplay enough that you could be fighting with/against units from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gundam, Patlabor, Southern Cross, Mospeada, etc. For the most part, it will only require that the models/animations/weapons be created at the correct scale (with proper balancing, of course), then made available by the server operator.]

Project History in a Nutshell
Balance of Power (formerly known as Macross TC for Shogo, a total conversion for Shogo: Mobile Armor Division) is an attempt to bring the fantastic and widely-acclaimed Macross anime universe (owned and copyrighted by Big West) to the realm of the PC. The project was originally started as a Quake2 mod, with a few steps taken in flight/hovering movement and swarming missile volleys. However, certain limitations began to crop up (e.g. bounding box shape, jerky network play during flight over low bandwidth connections).

Then in late 1998, we moved to the LithTech 1.0 (LT) engine as a mod for Shogo. There were a few reasons for this: Shogo was based off a new anime-inspired property (including both on-foot missions and transformable mecha-based missions), so the fanbase would likely welcome any Macross material... and more importantly, there was server-side mod support, so we could smooth out the flight with movement prediction routines on both sides of the connection. Previously, we explained that the move to LT would "certainly help us deliver a better mod, faster." Well, we had many setbacks and delays over the years (e.g. delayed source and tools, lack of file format information, etc), but we also made quite some progress during that time... most notably, the GU-11 prototype was built, and many models (several destroids, the VF-1, and a couple Zentraedi mecha) were completed. And when Geist was hired by LT in 2000, the project began to shift focus from a mod for Shogo to a completely new (standalone) game on later versions of the engine.

But then in 2001, LT nearly folded, leaving many without a job... and this project began to suffer as new careers got in the way (hey, bills have to be paid). And by Geist taking a job working on Robotech: Battlecry at Vicious Cycle Software, this project had to be put on hold indefinitely (for legal reasons) >>>> Fast-forward to 2005 >>>> Robotech: Battlecry was released 2.5 years ago, and the sequel Robotech: Invasion was released last year. I'm not really sure what Take Two (the current owner of the video-game rights) has plans for the franchise, but I'm finally at a point when I can stretch my game-modding legs again. Furthermore, I noticed very recently on the forums that Harmony Gold doesn't mind free fan-based mod/game projects (not a HUGE issue for us, since this isn't a Robotech mod, but it's always a concern when working with copyrighted material)! Add to the pot the ever-popular Unreal engine from Epic Games, and this project began to stir again in our hearts and minds.

If you're looking for more information about this project and its history, be sure to check out the navbar on the left, plus the news archives and forums.


  • 16 mecha, from the legendary VF-1 Valkyrie to the deadly Queadluun-Rau power armor.
  • Over 30 weapons, everything from the U.N.Spacy GU-11 gunpod to Zentradi super miniature missiles.
  • Land, air, and space (zero-G) combat!
  • A game mode system that will allow the creation of almost any type of mission (e.g. Capture the Flag, objective-driven missions -- think UT's "Assault", etc).
  • Huge levels, to the maximum that the engine can handle.
  • A damage system based on external armor and internal sub-systems.
  • An open-ended architecture that supports add-on mecha, weapons, levels, and end-game conditions.
  • Server-controllable multiplayer parameters, such as availability of mecha, handicaps, rules in effect, etc.

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